Donphan overview

Donphan overview

Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. With its strong tusks and tough skin, Donphan is known for its powerful Tackle attack. The length of Donphan’s tusks indicates its level.

It is rare to find Donphan in the wild, and hatching Phanpy is also rather challenging. Phanpy hatches from 5km eggs, and even tho his hatch rate is common, the list of potential 5KM hatches is huge, making it rather hard to obtain.

232Ground GROUND3022214214180

Donphan overview

Donphan has high Max CP and good stats, a wide specter of movesets which makes this elephant-like Pokémon quite useful in the current meta. He is good in Gym Defense, but has even better usage as attacker. Of course, his role is heavily dependant on his moveset.

Do not forget that Donphan has access to FAIRY type movesets.

Best Donphan movesets


Quick move

Charge move

Gym offenseTackle NORMALPlay Rough FAIRY
Gym defenseCounter FIGHTINGEarthquake GROUND
PvP (speculative)Counter FIGHTINGPlay Rough FAIRY

Donphan Counters in Pokémon GO

Unfortunately for Donphan, the current meta heavily favours WATER Pokémon. Its’ HP is OK, but it always feels like it needs more, mostly because when it comes to Gym defense, almost any WATERtype will crush Donphan.

Ground type is also vulnerable against GRASS and ICE, making Donphan actually very easy to counter. However, if Attackers fail to take him in consideration when setting up their team, he can be a huge problem.

A fairly common scenario when Donphan comes out on top is the following:

  • You enter the battle and make your way up to Donphan (since he is high CP he would most likely be positioned high in gym list)
  • You lose your Vaporeon and Scizor in fights before.
  • Your Dragonite or Tyranitar (or almost any other pokemon that is not a direct counter) will have a really hard time taking it down

Donphan movesets explanation


  • the best Defending moveset, since it has highest damage and with it Donphan shines over all other Rock, Steel and Dark type defenders and most normal types (even has a chance against Blissey!)

Counter/Play Rough 

  • extremely good against Tyranitar since both FIGHTING and FAIRY do x2 damage to Dark

Tackle/Play Rough 

  • considered the best attacking moveset against anything that is not FIRE or a scary Steelix. Tackle is one of the fastest quick moves ingame (0.5 sec), which enables you to easily dodge most attacks. Play Rough FAIRY cuts both Tyranitar and Dragonite with such ease, that Donphan with this moveset can take few of them in a row before going down.

Move                                             Type                     Power  DPS        STAB DPS

Counter FIGHTING            EarthquakeGROUND       12/120  23.30     27.50

Tackle     NORMAL             EarthquakeGROUND       5/120    21.65     25.85

Counter FIGHTING            Heavy slamSTEEL            12/70    23.30     23.30

Counter FIGHTING            Play roughFAIRY              12/90    22.15     22.15

Tackle     NORMAL             Heavy slamSTEEL            5/70       21.65     21.65

Tackle      NORMAL             Play roughFAIRY             5/90       20.50     20.50




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